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Next Workshop June 12th and 13th

Sonoma Couples Workshops

Our next workshop is scheduled for the weekend of June 12th and 13th. As always, it will be at Angela Center, which we find to be a very comfortable and serene venue. A number of couples have already signed up and we are hoping that some other couples who are on the fence will decide to join us as well. If you are thinking about attending but have reservations please call and discuss your concerns with us (Mike Basta 707-758-1147 and Marcia Gomez 707-235-3423).

Below is a sample of comments from some of the couples who attended the February 2010 workshop in answer to a question on the second day evaluation about whether or not the workshop was helpful in addressing a "gridlocked problem":

  • "I truly feel we are united and working together for the first time in a long time or ever".
  • "Yes, we will be able to talk about things without getting too upset or walking away".
  • "Yes, I feel like we will be able to talk about our problems without just ignoring them and without just yelling at each other".
  • "Yes! Great in allowing a calm exchange and understanding about the problems".
  • "Yes, I feel we had some real positive talks about 26 year issues".
  • "Yes, opened doors and gave a path for us to continue to work with our couples therapist. Great help! Thanks so much. Wish to take another more involved workshop soon".
  • "Yes, I understand now there are hidden dreams in most if not all of our conflicts".
  • "Yes. Very helpful. A new start".
We have heard from some couples who have attended our workshop in the past who wonder if it would be helpful to take the workshop again. The research from the Gottman Institute indicates that most couples who take the workshop maintain benefits based upon one year follow-up, and our own pre and post questionnaires have a similar findings. However, many couples can benefit from some kind of follow-up. For some, couples therapy may be indicated. For others, another round of the workshop seems to be helpful.

We have decided to offer a $100 discount on the registration fee for couples that wish to take our workshop a second time. Please phone us (at the above numbers) or email us (at if you are considering attending for a second time.

Another option for couples who have taken the workshop once already is to attend a workshop offered by colleagues, Andy Greendorfer and Mirabai Wahbe called Deepening the Gottman Method. For more information on this workshop go to:

Marcia J. Gómez, L.C.S.W. & Michael Basta, L.C.S.W.