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Don't Be Afraid to Visit Sonoma County

Michael Basta


Since the fires of last October, which ravaged our area (Sonoma County and Santa Rosa in particular, and the North Bay Area in general), and more recently the barrage of fires that California has endured this summer, many people seem reluctant to visit the Sonoma wine country. I am writing this entry to put it out to the universe that we are still standing and the place is still beautiful. Moreover, there is more going on here than just wine. Although, we have great wine if you happen to be into it. Here is an article that I found in the NY Times that sings the praises of our area:

And by the way, we are hosting two upcoming couples workshops:

Gottman Art and Science of Love at the Flamingo in Santa Rosa on September 8 and 9

Gottman Art and Science of Love 2 at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park on October 20 and 21

For more information, please visit: