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Stress Reducing Conversation Continued

Sonoma Couples Workshops

Here is another thought about the aforementioned Stress Reducing Conversation. The purpose of this practice is to help a couple support each other in the management of external stresses (i.e. stresses from work, conflicts with friends or neighbors, the daily commute, etc...). When done well, each partner is able to feel validated and supported by the other on a daily basis. The practice becomes a "ritual of connection" in the language of Dr. Bill Doherty.


I introduced the idea to a couple and they sent me a link to an episode of Seinfeld to let me know how difficult they thought it would be for them to practice the Stress Reducing Conversation. They said "You want us to have the Kramer conversation?" After viewing the link I said, "No, I want you to have the Anti-Kramer Conversation." Here it is:





Michael Basta, LCSW