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This is what keeps us doing the workshops

Sonoma Couples Workshops

The following is an endorsement from a participant from our most recent (10/19 and 10/20) Art and Science of Love Workshop in Sonoma. Dr. Sarkisian also took the above photo of us that day.

The Gottman workshop presented by Michael Basta and Marcia Gomez, LCSW’s, has been (and is) profound, challenging and life-changing. The issues we face in our relationships can be addressed in healthy ways that nourish growth and foster healing. Everyone engaged in a relationship should attend, and if you’re fortunate to have Marcia and Michael as your presenters, you will experience two of the most approachable, transparent and dynamic marriage therapists ever, jointly bringing years and years of helping troubled couples navigate their way through the trials, traps and turbulence encountered on the high seas of disharmony and dysfunction. The best part? Hope. And optimism. And the rock-solid tools (no more sense of helplessness) that will help build, re-build or strengthen an existing relationship.   Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D.